“We are happy with the job”

“I contacted Harry via email and he responded quickly.  We made an appointment for the next day to look at the wall heater. He showed up exactly on time.   Turns out that the unit was SUPER DIRTY!!!  Harry and Cameron (his new trainee) dismantled the whole thing, took it out to the driveway and washed it.  It dried, they brought it back in, reassembled and Voila!  The unit is working like a CHAMP!   It looked brand new without all the dust on it. His fee was reasonable and the heater runs perfectly with the added bonus of not having that burnt dust smell.

Harry was telling me that customers should clean their heaters at least once a season   Same idea as cleaning the lint from around your dryer.  It runs much better and is less prone to fire or not working at all.

We are happy with the job and warm and toasty.

Thank you Harry & Cameron!  :D”

-Yelp, Lisa D.