“I can’t say enough good things about Harry”

“I have an AC unit that is dedicated to cooling my server room. This unit started to freeze up and I called them for service.  They said they could come out at 1:00pm the same day to look at it.  They determined that the refrigerant was leaking and were able to get me a loaner unit and take mine back to their shop for repair.

On Friday night, the loaner stopped working. I had to drive into my office and open up doors and setup fans so my equipment wouldn’t overheat. I called Harry and informed him of the issue.

Amazingly, he worked on my unit Saturday morning and came out in the afternoon to swap the loaner with the repaired unit. And this was labor day weekend.

I’m certain other companies would have not even answered their phone, much less repaired the unit on a Saturday.  My unit is functioning fabulously and I can’t say good enough things about Harry.”

-Yelp, Steve B.