Recent Project: Movie Vieiwing Trailer

The owner of the Telemundo networking truck, that we recently finished, was so amazed with our work that they decided to bring another one of their trucks in. This truck, however, was a movie viewing trailer for the new movie San Andreas featuring Dwayne Johnson. Inside this trailer were multiple ductless systems of which 4 weren’t working properly. Our technicians diagnosed the issue and found that 2 outdoor units powering 4 indoor units needed to be replaced. This is where it gets tricky. There were restrictions to the units we could use. Considering the semi-truck had to have a height requirement, a unit’s height could only be 30″ max. It took us forever to find one but we finally did and was able to install the unit. As of right now (April 17, 2:20PM), our technicians are putting the wires and piping together in order to get the truck up and running by 8:00 AM tomorrow.

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How to Clean a Wall Heater (Video)

The video below shows our technician, Kaipo, hosing down a wall heater to remove dust, debris, and other tiny materials that has gotten into the unit. Watch the video to see how much dirt and debris falls out of the wall heater.

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