10 Fun and Fabulous Facts About Penguins

In honor of World Penguin Day today, April 25, here are some facts about penguins!

  1. penguin christmasThere are 17 species of penguins, and they all live in the Southern Hemisphere. They don’t help Santa at the North Pole!
  2. Penguins’ coloring is the perfect camouflage. When they’re seen from above, the black on their backs helps them blend in with the darker ocean depths; and when they’re seen from below, their white stomachs help hide them against the lighter sky.
  3. penguin-grillPenguins do not have teeth. Instead, they use their beaks and tongue to get food down.
  4. penguin-hulaWhile penguins molt (lose their feathers and regrow new ones), they are land bound, and lose 1/2 their body weight.
  5. penguin scubaDespite being excellent swimmers and swimming faster than any other bird, penguins cannot breathe underwater.
  6. penguin bday.pngThe average lifespan of a penguin is 15-20 years, 3/4 of which is spent in the water.
  7. penguin helloBecause penguins do not have natural land predators, they are not afraid of visiting humans.
  8. Penguins are very social birds, staying together to eat, swim, migrate, and raise young. penguins
  9. penguin-familyMagellanic Penguins always come back to the same mate year after year, and male Emperor Penguins incubate eggs, holding them on their feet and covering them with their bellies.
  10. penguin sad Penguins are considered endangered.


Read more on Mental Floss, Fact Retriever, and Defenders of Wildlife.


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