Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?..Let the Planning Begin!

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So its that time of year again….when spring is in the air and mothers day is just around the corner. Whether you are super excited to celebrate this day or think its something just made up by the Hallmark Company….we here at California Air-Conditioning Systems think its great we have a day designated just for all the amazing mothers out there in the world who give so much time and energy (as well as worry and fret! lol) for their families. So here are a couple of unique gift ideas we found that we thought might bring a smile to moms face 🙂

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we found an amazing website called UncommonGoods click HERE to go directly to the mothers day gift ideas on the website ❤ They have an array of amazingly unique gifts, and you are sure to find something for one (or all) of the moms you have on your shopping list. Here are some examples

23758_meds.jpgThe “Birdie Yarn Bowl” that serves as a cute place for her to hold her yarn, but the design allows the yarn to stay in place while she weaves or crochets those itchy sweaters she loves giving you to wear during winter 🙂

(you can thank us later)


25279_meds.jpgAnother cool gift idea is this “Aromatherapy Shower Kit”For that mom in your life that cant get enough of essential oils, or for the mom who you know deserves a little taste of the spa life…(even if its just the 3 minutes of uninterrupted shower time she MIGHT get everyday). This is a unique way to bring a little relaxation into any moms life.


23144_meds.jpgDo you know a mama that loves her wine?…wait that came out as a question, we ALL know a mama that loves her wine. So why not buy her the “Aerating Wine Glasses”. So for those who may not be into wine just yet, wine is usually opened and allowed to “breathe” a little before drinking. Allowing the wine to be exposed to oxygen will allow its natural flavors to come through more. These wine glasses on the other hand have ridges on the inside that allow you to swirl the wine in the glass, and thus aerating the wine right in mommas hand!

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Have creative little ones at home? maybe the mom in your life isn’t about material objects? or maybe you are simply on a budget but still want to show that special lady you care?…well here are a couple of crafty gift ideas that wont leave her feeling like you gave her something out of the kindergarten art reject pile 🙂

Do It Yourself Hard Water Stain Remover! Only TWO Ingredients!!! | Fabulessly Frugal: Photos! There is nothing a mom loves more that showing off pictures of her family…as well as anything they might have given her. So when you combine those two things and give her some creative family photos as a gift that she can show off to everyone (and she will!) you got yourself a crafty mothers day present she can cherish for years.

Click Here, to see this simple tutorial from


Untitled.pngPlants! Does that special mom in your life love flowers and gardening?…well here is a simple idea that looks fabulously complicated and beautiful. We read the instructions and it really does look very simple and you end up with beautiful results. You might finish it so fast you can probably make mom a whole new garden…or take your time and get creative with the pots and  add some decoration or sparkles

Click HERE to get the very simple directions 🙂




*Whatever you get that special mom in your life, it really is all about trying to let the love you have for her shine through, like they said its the thought that counts. Whether its breakfast in bed, a fancy new purse, or just simply a hug and a kiss…whatever you give her if you do it with love she will cherish it always.

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