Window AC Unit or Spot Cooler…which is best for me?


Although both types of ac units have one job, which is to cool you and your home down, they each have things that make them differ from one another.Your decision may be based on convenience or simply preference, but here is what you should keep in mind to help you decide which may be best for you.

 Are you looking for something Temporary, or Long Term?

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself when deciding between the two. If you are renting, maybe in need of something to cool your home while your ac unit is being fixed, or even just want something you can use during hot weather and then put away…a spot cooler can be the best option for you! Spot coolers have the convenience of being portable, can moved from room to room, and can be quickly set up and put away when no longer needed (with zero to minimal help from anyone else may we add!). For all these reasons a spot cooler is the perfect choice for any of your temporary cooling needs.

Window units, on the other hand, are more of a long term commitment. Unlike Spot coolers, these systems are heavy and can be difficult to install and remove.

Do You Need A More Clutter Free space?

Although spot coolers don’t take up huge amounts of floor space…in the end they still do take up space. If having a clutter free zone is important, or maybe even necessary….say you have toddlers who are crawling or learning to walk, maybe family members who need an open floor space, then in these cases a window unit may be best for you. Window units have the convenience of being out of the way and leaving more space available, compared to spot coolers.


**In the end there is no one type of unit that is better than another. It all really depends on your needs, and which is most convenient and appealing to you. Both bring us cool air during those scorching hot days and nights, and both window units and spot coolers can be installed by a trained service technician, you can even rent spot coolers from businesses like ours!  In the end choose whatever unit will make your life the easiest, because in the end isn’t that what AC units are all about? 🙂

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