(Home Improvement) How to know if you can DIY or call a Pro?


Many times DIY projects are portrayed as being huge money savers because you save on material and cost by, you guessed it! Doing It Yourself! So when is it a good idea to get inspiration from those Pinterest posts or YouTube vids and get to work, and when is it time we drop our egos and realize we need a pro for the job? Well…here are a few tips we think might help you decide 🙂

1.Do You Have the Time For It??

Although DIY projects seem more convenient because you wont have strange people roaming around your home fixing things for hours, days, maybe even weeks at a time, you have to stop and think if you even have time for a DIY project. When starting a project you have to be aware of not only how long it will take to get wrapped up, but realistically how many hours you have to dedicate to a project. Say you only have the weekends, or off days to work on a project…can that it be accomplished during this time? if it can not be finished within a few days are you comfortable (and safe) to leave un-finished work and material around the house until you can get back to it? In a situation where a project needs urgent attention, or in cases where you may have small children, or it is not wise to leave a project mid-way…then it may be best to let a professional step in a take care of the issue.

2.Do you have the tools, skills and know-how to do a project like the Pros?

Before embarking on your path into the DIY world, you need to make sure that you have all the correct tools at your disposal to properly do a job. If you find that you do not have the tools and equipment you may need, could you borrow them or have the resources to rent them? (and would you know exactly where to rent them from?). Another thing is does your skill level and the skill level required for a project match up? Many projects seem like a no brainer, but they have complicated and intricate steps you may not understand or be able to accomplish yourself, so do your research before starting! You always want be sure you can safely and properly do a job the whole way through, because if your project is a bust it will cost you a heavy price for a pro to come in and fix the DIY disaster committed.

3.Most Importantly….Dangerous Project=Call a pro!

Even as eager as you may be to get a project done…the #1 rule you should ALWAYS keep in mind is, if its dangerous or hazardous, call a pro! So what projects should you stay away from?

  • Gas Appliance Repairs (gas will always find a leak) and even if you turned off the gas before doing a repair, a miscalculation or simple error can lead to a leak which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Roofing Repairs although this seems like a total do-it-yourself, the truth is that on any roof that has a slope that is more than 20 degrees,can lead to an easy slip and fall, especially when climbing up and down with tools.
  • Asbestos Removal  there is a risk of toxicity, but there are also laws set in place about asbestos removal in order to protect people in close proximity from where its being removed.
  • Electrical Repairs If the project is more than a simple fixture, call a pro…wires and electricity are dangerous
  • Plumbing Repairs No one likes water damage….mistakes can leads to leaks, which can be expensive to fix, clean up, and can ruin possessions and cause expensive damages.

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