What Steps Should I Take Before Hiring a Contractor?


Many people focus on how fast a project can be completed, maybe the price, or how many reviews they have on a website. But what is the magical combination of things we should look for when hiring someone for a job? well we are here to help and give you some pointers on what you should look for when hiring someone 🙂

1.Ask for Referrals from friends, family…even review sites.

If you know someone close to you has used someone for the same job you have to get done, ask them who they used, how they felt about their services and whether they would use them again. Who better to trust with a referral than someone close to you?

But maybe you don’t know anyone that has hired someone to do the same work you need done around the house, than what? Well the next best thing is review sites. This is the new “word of mouth” and you can get opinions from various people, sometimes even pictures!

2.Check Credentials

If you have gotten referrals, or even just have a particular company you want to hire, your next step should be to check their credentials. 

  • Look for a company who has been in business for a few years
  • they must have insurance (these should include worker’s comp and liability)
  • They need to be licensed and registered


3. Get bids from Top 3 choices

Don’t be drawn in right off the bat by the lowest offer. Yes, low price on a project would be ideal but if you have 3 top choices and one of them is coming in thousands of dollars below everyone else, that may very well mean that they are cutting corners which could be unsafe for you and your family. They could use cheap materials, or even quote you one price at the start and hike up the price towards the end saying the project needs more work than initially thought.


4.Get Someone you trust

Although many people may only focus on reputation and price, in the end this person will be spending a lot of time in your home, around your family and yourself. You want to hire someone who you feel you can communicate easily with, who is clear about the work that needs to be done, and someone who you feel comfortable with their methods and background. 


5.Make sure you make a contract

Big or small, your project should include a contract. Within this contract things that should be included are start and finish time, material that is going to be used, description of the work being done, and even include the time it would take to fix any defects. Making sure you have a contract will assure that in case a dispute arises it can be dealt with in a faster and more efficient manner than if there was no contract set in place.

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