HVAC maintenance “Where do I Start?”


HVAC units are strangely a lot like cars, a little maintenance work can go a long way. Just like a vehicle many of us use our HVAC units everyday, but its almost unheard of to not look under the hood of our cars and just take a quick look at how everything is running, and HVAC units are the same!

Although HVAC systems may look a little complicated and many times we may think to ourselves, “I dont know where to start?” there is a few simple things that you can do for HVAC maintenance at home

  1. tighten electrical connections
  2. check he settings on your thermostat- 68 degrees is the ideal temp
  3. Lubricate any “moving parts”- lack of lubrication causes friction which leads to your system using more energy
  4. make sure to change filters- unclean filters can lead to your unit using excess energy and may even lead to a shorten lifespan for your unit
  5. Check system controls- double check that the system turns off and on properly and system seems to be working correctly
  6. Clear drains- the importance for this is if the drains are clogged or stay that way it can lead to water damage within your home
  7. Make sure you have the right amount of refrigerant for your unit to be able to function properly
  8. Check for any gas leaks
  9. keep vents free of obstructions

You may think to yourself, well what good can come from checking up on my HVAC!? well i am glad you asked! because there are actually a number of positive outcomes that come from making sure our units are well maintained.

  • Extends the life of your unit
  • Reduces energy bills= more money in your pocket! 🙂
  • decreases energy usage
  • noise reduction
  • reduces dust mites/ mold/ and allergens
  • diminishes carbon monoxide danger
  • reduces risk of water damage
  • reduces fire hazards that may be caused my accumulation of contaminants

Along with the preventative work you do at home you should call an HVAC professional to do maintenance on your unit twice a year as well, before summer and before winter (for residential units, commercial it is advised three times a year.) Call us at (310)530-0504 or on our 24/7 line (310)505-5700

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