Weekend Plans

Tomorrow is Friday, and are you still figuring out what can you do during the weekend besides sitting on your couch binge watching Netflix?

Well, California Air has got you. Here are a few things that are happening during the weekend of February 19-21.


What is called, The Chocolate Art Show features some of LA’s up and coming artists. There will be live music, chocolate, face painting, chocolate, live body painting, chocolate, henna tattoos and nail art, and some chocolate. For more information about The Chocolate Art Show. You can visit here: The Chocolate Art Show

A Different Kind of Sport.Disc_golf

We imagine everyone has thrown a Frisbee at least once in their lifetime, but have you seen Professional Disc Golf players toss a Frisbee?

Disc golf, is played just like golf, but with frisbees and instead of a hole it’s a basket. Like different clubs for different shots, there are different frisbees for different shots. Unfortunately, the Oak Grove Pasadena course will be unplayable for the Wintertime Open, but you can see how its done by the Pros.

February 20 & 21 Watch the world’s top Pro Paul McBeast and others compete in the 38th Wintertime Open! For more information: Oak Grove Wintertime Open

Fresh.     1024px-Marylebone_Farmers_Market_2005

Did you need to go grocery shopping or want try a new recipe this weekend and want some fresh produce? Why not try some local farmers’ markets?

Find one near you: Local Farmers’ Market

Do you already have your weekend planned out? Let us know of any other events that are happening!

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