Global Warming = No Meat?


Remember back in 2006 when former vice president Al Gore came out with the movie/documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” and how so much of the population laughed or scoffed at this theory? Well its 2016 now, and the winters seem to be getting harsher and weather that feels like the middle of summer seems to come earlier and earlier every year. Although many people still do not believe in global warming, and even the science community does not seem to agree on whether this theory could be a real thing or not, one thing is certain there are many things we have been doing over an extended amount of time that are just now showing themselves as a deficit to Earth’s environment.

Among the leading reasons the meat industry is so bad for the environment is they use, or waste (however you choose to look at it), huge amounts of food, water and land in order to raise the meat that eventually ends up as Wednesday nights meal. When it comes to land,  the largest human use of land worldwide is actually reserved for raising and feeding animals we will eventually use for food. When it comes to food a staggering 60-97% of what is produced (depending on the crop) will be used primarily for animal feed. This is a huge amount of food used up just to feed animals. As a study by  environmental scientist Vaclav Smil showed, it will take about 9.3 pounds of feed to produce 2lbs of “edible chicken.” In other words we are wasting a lot of resources, including food,  just to produce food.

Besides the waste that comes with the meat industry, there is a little thing called Greenhouse Gas emissions that they are also well known for. These gases are produced by the general population, as a result of the meat consumed, but also from the livestock themselves. These greenhouse gasses are no good for earth because when found in the atmosphere they absorb radiation which leads to the greenhouse effect.

Across different cities, states, countries and governments, people are looking to minimize our impact on earths atmosphere. Many governments are starting to promote things like “Meatless Mondays” or replacing a meal that has meat with plant derived proteins. In the future one of the greatest ways we may have to combat global warming may actually be to give up meat.



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