Faulty Thermostat

What is the job of the thermostat? 

The object that is protruding from the wall controls the temperature throughout your home or office. The thermostat’s job is stabilizing your choice of temperature. Whether you like being warm and cozy or cooled and breezy, the thermostat is there making sure you’re comfortable.

Troubleshooting common thermostat problems


With all of these tips, please ensure the power is turned off.

  • Clean the thermostat- A dirt filled thermostat can cause it to not work properly. A little cleaning can go a long way!
  • Temperature calibration- You feel the room temperature and the thermostat temperature are not matching. Counter the thermostat with a thermometer and gauge the differences. You’re going to need the user manual to calibrate the thermostat.
  • Location, location, location- A thermostat that is located around objects that exert heat or cool breezes can send inaccurate commands to the furnace or air conditioning unit.
  • Batteries- Low power light comes on, or electronic thermostat isn’t turning on? It could be as simple as replacing the batteries.
  • Wiring– This one is tricky. Wires not being hooked up in the right position could give you different problems.


Read the user manual, every thermostat is different and these are just some common issues. Should you need repairs, call California Air Conditioning Systems, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA at (310) 530-0504. We provide honest answers and repairs to your air conditioning and heating systems.

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