Why is My Heater Blowing Out Cold Air?

“My heater is running, but it’s blowing out cold air.”

Cold air coming from the heater is an issue that should be solved quickly. However, it’s one that can be resolved without a service call, if it’s a minor issue.

A question like this is seldom asked, considering how warm Los Angeles can be. But when it does get cold, which happens once in a blue moon, this question is one of the most common. Why is my heater blowing out cold air and how can I fix it? Whether you’re in snowy Utah, sunny California, or stormy Florida, it’s ideal to know why your heater is blowing cold air and what are some ways to fix the problem. This article will address some of the common causes of heaters and/or furnaces blowing cold air. Some are most likely and some are the least probable.

  1. Heater blows cold right after I turn it on. Hot water doesn’t run in your faucet immediately after you turn it on. The same goes for heating air. It takes time for the heated air to travel through air ducts to the registers and into the house.
  2. Thermostat. Be sure that the thermostat is set higher than the temperature in your home, otherwise it won’t turn on. Also, there are some thermostats that run only on batteries. Replacing it will ensure the thermostat is reading the right temperature.
  3. Ductwork. These are normally located on the outside of your home after the insulation, meaning it’s exposed to the cold. The ducting will stay cold until it has been warmed up. Also, cold air can enter through a leak in the duct. Another possible problems could be due to an accumulation of dirt and debris, slowing down airflow. This is very rare as it must take a lot for it to fully block airflow.
  4. Pilot light. A pilot light for a gas heater is susceptible to being blown out as a result of the has company shutting down lines for maintenance or emergencies (red tagged).
  5. Flame sensor. If your heater begins by throwing hot air but suddenly goes to cold, I suspect it to be the flame sensor. Cleaning your flame sensor or replacing it will ensure accurate readings.

If your heater is still blowing out cold air, time to call the professionals. At some point, rather than testing over and over, it’s more simpler and cheaper to call the licensed professionals. At the end of the day, it might have been cheaper and less time consuming to call them .

There are several things that you can do about a heater blowing cold air, but if you keep having problems then it’s time to call an expert. A heating unit or furnace should last you a really long time, especially in the Los Angeles area. However, if it’s already old and constantly causing you a headache, consider getting it replaced with a new one. California Air Conditioning Systems, Inc. is a licensed company that can provide you with a free estimate, if you’re in the Los Angeles or Orange County. Consider using our online scheduling and 24 hour emergency service phone lines. We’d be happy to help you.

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Lawrence Hernandez
California Air Conditioning Systems, Inc.


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