25 Tips To Stay Warm This Winter

  1. Wear multiple layers of clothes.

  2. Wear thick wool socks.

  3. After baking, keep your oven door open to let the heat circulate throughout the kitchen. The smaller your home, the better this works.

  4. Consume hot soup.

  5. Need energy along with warmth? Drink hot coffee or tea.

  6. Open curtains or blinds to let sunlight in.

  7. Cover any drafts coming in from windows or door with weather stripping or caulk.

  8. Close curtains or blinds at night to keep the heat in.

  9. Stay active.

  10. Increase humidity in your home to increase the temperature.

  11. Reverse your ceiling fans circulation.

  12. Place area rugs on bare floor.

  13. Shower with the doors open.

  14. Don’t run the bathroom ventilation fans.

  15. Roll up a towel and place along the bottom of a door.

  16. Keep the fireplace flue shut.

  17. Enhance you bedding.

  18. Warm a bag of beans and lay it against you on your bed or couch.

  19. Cover your head.

  20. Keep doors shut.

  21. Stay away from windows.

  22. Consider covering your self in a warm blanket or sleeping bag.

  23. Add insulation to the attic to keep the heat in.

  24. Place foil behind the radiator to reflect the heat back.

  25. Don’t forget, snuggle and cuddle!

Don’t be like that guy this coming winter. Stay warm!


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