When is it time to replace?

Certain signs indicate when an air conditioning or heating equipment needs to be replaced, or improve the performance of the overall system.

Heat pump is older than 15  years old. Air conditioning is older than 10.  
Believe it or not, A/C units and furnaces have shelf lives. Continuing to operate them beyond their capabilities can be costly and risky.

Utility bills increase.
If you’ve noticed your utility bills have increased during the different seasons, without setting the thermostat differently, there may be several problem with your HVAC system. One indication is leaking fluids.

Loud noises.
Loud, disturbing knocks and other unusual noises does not come stock with any HVAC systems. Majority of the time, it’s something in the unit that is making the noise. If that isn’t the case, the whole unit needs to be replaced. Assuming the noise is going to disappear will prove to be costly in the long run.

If the cost for repair is close to the price of what you bought the system for.
Repairing everything except one or two components in your air conditioning or heating unit isn’t the best route. It doesn’t necessarily fix everything. Your best bet is to replace the complete system so everything is new and working properly.

If you have any questions, visit www.californiaac.com or call (310) 530-0504.

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