What Is a Leak Check and Why?

There will be a day when your air conditioner stops cooling and you call your local HVAC contractor for air conditioning repairs and services. The technician arrives with a few tools in-hand to diagnose the unit. He checks the filters, the wiring, and some other things. A few minutes later, he comes back to report that your unit is flat or that it’s low on refrigerant. With that in mind, what’s the next step?

Leak check.

An air conditioning unit or heat pump does not deplete its refrigerant. The refrigerant is recycled within the sealed system and is not being burn or used to keep areas cool/warm. The refrigerant is locked in a hermetic system and sealed completely tight. If your system is low on Freon or refrigerant, it’s because it leaked out. It does not dissipate or breakdown.

A leak check is done to ensure that the technician finds where the leak is coming from to fix it, in order to prevent another refrigerant leak in the future or something much worse. Adding more refrigerant does not fix the issue. It will leak again and this time, it might be worse.


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