Why Is My Air Conditioning Leaking? How Can I Repair It?

We’ve heard all about the recent oil spill in Santa Barbara, where supposedly up to 105,000 gallons of oil might have been spilled into the coast. At this moment it’s uncertain how much oil have been spilled but it’s been estimated that 500 barrels or 21,000 gallons of oil have seeped out through the pipeline’s rupture point.

Since we are speaking of ruptures/leaks, let’s talk about your air conditioning system:

Why is there puddle of water underneath my central AC system? 

Part of the air conditioning’s job is to pull humidity from the air. The blower grabs hot, humid air through the grill and over the cold evaporator coil to cool the air. At this moment, condensation forms on the evaporator coil that drops into a drain pan and down a drain line; sort of like a slide. But why is there water?

If the drain line gets clogged with anything, the water will be stopped and force its way back into the unit. The cause of the debris could be from a dirty evaporator coil. If the drain pan is old or rusted, it could be that the water has ruptured a hole in the pan and is forcing its way out from there.

Another issue could be that the condensate trap isn’t installed correctly and is stopping the condensate from draining. This causes the drain pan to overflow into your home, causing water damage.

A frozen evaporator coil is another reason why the unit would be leaking. 2 common causes of a frozen evaporator coil: dirty air filters and low refrigerant. A dirty air filter blocks airflow to the evaporator coil causing the temperature to drop below freezing and ices up. Low refrigerant causes the coil to become much colder than normal, causing it to freeze.

How do I repair this?

Regardless of how the unit is leaking, you will need a professional HVAC contractor to help you fix this problem. If the unit is frozen, your best bet is to turn the air conditioner off and turn the blower from AUTO to ON. The fan should melt the ice slowly enough from the pan to handle all the water. If it’s a drain pan or installation issue, contact your local HVAC contractor.

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