Chinese Company Treats 6,400 Employees to a French Vacation

On May 8, 2015, Chinese Company, Tiens Group, gave more than 6,000 employees an all expense paid trip to France to celebrate the company’s 20th birthday.

This tour group was given a private tour of the Louvre museum and a private shopping session at luxury department sore Galeries Lafayette during their four-day trip to Nice, France.

According to local media, the company booked 4,760 rooms in 79 hotels between Cannes and Monaco, and 146 tour buses. It’s been estimated that the group will spend $15 million during their visit and France is seen to reap up to $20 million in total economic benefits. This isn’t the first time a Chinese company has arranged a massive tour overseas. Last year, a group of 7,000 made a trip to the U.S. to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Sino-U.S. diplomatic ties. (Source)

Who could use an all expense paid vacation to a country overseas? I could!

A human sentence during a parade for their CEO, Li Jinyuan.

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