Why Are Air Conditioners on the Roof?

  1. Space. Some buildings are built too close to one another that installing it on the ground is near impossible and bothersome to neighbors.
  2. Appeal. Installing the unit on the roof removes one unattractive element around the structure. Rather than an air conditioning unit, it could be a garden or other landscaping.
  3. Covers a bigger area. Major advantage of a rooftop unit is its ability to cool multiple rooms. Compared to a window unit or a wall unit, where it’s limited to one area, a rooftop air conditioning is normally attached to ducts that distributes the air to the rooms in the house.
  4. Freedom from debris and vegetation. Units placed on the ground have a tendency to require more maintenance because of the vegetation and its trimming. Without regular maintenance of the area around the unit, it could potentially reduce the unit’s efficiency

California Air Conditioning Systems, Inc.


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