Recent Job: Semi-Truck Emergency Repairs

This past Sunday, April 12th, we received an emergency call at 5:00 AM from someone that was desperate for a HVAC contractor. The service was to take a look at a vehicle’s air conditioning unit that was on its way to Florida. The repair wasn’t for the driver but for what the driver was hauling. In the semi truck was a computer/networking room that had to stay cool all the way to Florida. We diagnosed the issue and, the following day, had the driver haul it to the office so we could work on it. As soon as they pulled up, our technician climbed the semi, started testing the units, and before we know it, they found the issue. Due to the company’s time schedule, we had to get the semi out of the office before Wednesday. Around 7pm on Tuesday, April 14, the job was complete and the unit is working 100%


2 thoughts on “Recent Job: Semi-Truck Emergency Repairs

  1. It is really great that you were able to fix this truck in an emergency. I am sure that having a broken air conditioner was concerning, since he was transporting a computer room. I drive truck, and I have had issues with my truck before, which can make it difficult to complete deliveries. However, I am really bad about getting repairs done because I am always worried it will take a long time. After reading this, though, it sounds like it is not too difficult to get quick repairs done. Thanks for the great post!

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    1. sorry for the late reply!. We are happy we could be of some help. And the waiting to get work done is something i think many people do because they think it may be too costly or like you said, time consuming. In our opinion we think its best to get maintenance done, this prevents bigger problems down the line, but if you need something done in a certain time limit it may be useful to call around and see if anyone can accommodate the time limit you have. Thanks for commenting and reading! 🙂


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