What Are Ventilation Dampers?

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Dampers, shown above, are used for two things: to cut off heating or cooling to an unused room and to regulate temperature/climate in specific rooms. Dampers can be controlled manually by a handle on the outside of the duct or automatically by a thermostat or some control system. There are many advantages and disadvantages to having a damper in your air ducts.


  • Inexpensive to provide more zoning options
  • Does not require much power to run


  • Requires permanent access to dampers through ceiling access panels
  • Automatic dampers aren’t “fail safe”
  • Low total flow when only some dampers are open
  • Supply and return ducts requires dampers to avoid pressurization

In other words, dampers are used to control the air flow in rooms in which the air ducts go to. If a room in your home or office receives more or less air, a damper is used to adjust that. That is what we call, zoning. Some rooms are hotter or cooler than other so having dampers installed in your home can be extremely efficient and beneficial.

Have more questions about ventilation dampers? Give Harry Irvine a call at 310.530.0504 or email him at harryirvine@californiaac.com. Don’t forget to mention you found us on WordPress.

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