What is Freon? How Do You Know We Need More?

Those that have requested air conditioning services from HVAC contractor have heard of the word or know about FREON. But what is FREON? Why is it used for air conditioning? And how do we know we need more of it? Well, let us answer your questions..


“Freon” is a heat transfer fluid, which means it is capable of absorbing heat from the air indoors and transferring it outside to get cooled down. This air is then returned back indoors for everyone to enjoy. Freon is circulated over and over by your air conditioning system to cool the air.

The company, Dupont, is actually the ones who came up with the trademark name “Freon” to represent several types of refrigerants, which R-22 being the most common.


Normally, it wouldn’t run out unless there’s a leak, which is a sure sign that you’ll be running low on Freon. Here are some tell-tale signs:

  • Registers are blowing hot air when the air conditioning is running and is set to cool.
  • Water accumulation from condensation accumulating on the floor by the furnace.
  • The cooling process takes forever.
  • Copper lines have become frozen.
  • High electricity bill.

The way to repair a problem like this is to find the leak and repair it as soon as possible. Having the leak any longer can cause more damages to the unit and may become costly to repair.

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