Experiencing Problems With Your HVAC Belts?

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Above is a photo of a bad v-belt. Belts are supposed to have proper tension so that they don’t touch. Also, take a look at the worn out condition of the belt. It needs to be replaced. Seeing this on a unit can tell a professional and experienced contractor a few things: cooling stages will freeze the unit, air flow is restricted, high chances of water leaks, and possible compressor damage. If caught early, these can prevent costly repairs. Whether it’s for an exhaust fans, air handlers, furnaces, or air conditioners, a properly installed v-belt can help your unit run at its full life and efficiency.

Things to look for when checking on the conditions of the belt:

  1. Checks the condition of sheaves for worn or damaged grooves
  2. Cleans the pulleys
  3. Aligns the sheave faces
  4. Tensions the belt properly
  5. Check the drive’s tension

If you are having problems with your air conditioning or heating unit, and you believe it to be your belt that’s causing the problem, give us a call.

310 530 0504 – Office
310 505 5700 – 24 HR
info@californiaac.com – Email

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