What is Air Balancing?

Air balancing involves inspection, tests and adjustments made to a central HVAC system. Air balancing is done to verify that the correct amount of air is being distributed to every comfort zone in your home or business. This service may include moving and/or adjusting the dampers inside the ducts that are controlling and directing air flow. Changes to the vents and ducts may also be made. The main goal is to balance the supply and return channels to optimize its efficiency and to ensure that the comfort level in each room is high.

Do I need air balancing?

An unbalanced air distribution system can force your heating and cooling systems to work overtime to reach the most comfortable temperature. Working overtime causes additional strain to these systems, which can lead to major repairs. Longer running time can lead to premature replacement of the system as well. There are many HVAC contractors out there, but not everyone has the expertise and training that it takes to properly balance a system. Signs and conditions that indicate your system will benefit from air balancing services include:

  • Difference temperature in different rooms
  • Persistent cold or warm spots
  • Premature wear on HVAC equipment
  • New HVAC equipment additions or installations
  • Higher than normal utilities (electricity) bills
  • Changes to the home such as new windows, remodels or additions
  • Space configuration has changed since the last air balance
  • Excessive dirt or dust is present
  • Doors stay open or slam-closed
  • Complaints from environmental safety department

If the temperature is different in every room, it’s important to have your ducts looked at. Different temperature usually means the air is not being distributed evenly in all rooms. Have your HVAC contractor check the static pressure of your system. With the initial testing, a certified professional is able to provide you with an answer of whether you have a blockage or leakage.


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