Duct Sealing (Our Website’s New Page)

The importance of sealing your air ducts or duct work is to keep your space warm during the cold winter months or keep the cold in during the summer, while promoting energy efficiency year-round saving you money. Improperly sealed ducting wastes the conditioned air it creates, which causes health risks from bad air quality, higher utility bills, and dissatisfaction in comfort for tenant, customer, employees, or family.

Leaking air ducts is money out the door.
HVAC efficiency studies show that 10% – 30% of cool and heated air can be wasted due to leakage. This leakage to contractors, homeowners, or business owners literally means that every bit of air is money wasted. Many do not realize their ducts are leaking until it’s too late. Take a look at some of the pictures we have below that shows improperly sealed ducts and see if yours are similar. If they are, give your local heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor a call.

Signs of an improperly sealed duct work:

  • Use of ordinary household duct tape (no label)
  • No sign of duct sealant such as DP1010, DP1015, DP1021, etc.
  • Ripped outer cover
  • Peeling duct tape
  • No draw band
  • Exposed metal
  • Unlabeled duct tape

Do you have a leaking air duct? Is your duct work not connected properly? Does your HVAC system seem like it’s working extremely hard and little to no air is coming out? Consider the air wasted as money wasted, get your air ducts/duct work sealed!

Visit our website at www.californiaac.com/airductsealing.html

Or give us a call (310) 530-0504 or (310) 505-5700


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