Help! My Air Conditioning Unit is Frozen!

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That’s Not An Outer Casing of the AC Unit or the Color! That’s a Frozen AC System!

It’s a bizarre sight to see an air conditioning unit frozen in the middle of summer. The sun is beating down and yet, it’s surrounded in solid ice. How is that possible? It’s certainly abnormal for ice to form on a unit and is a cause for concern. Several problems can cause this to happen:

  • Insufficient Air Flow: Anything that lessens the air flow will cause the temperature of the system’s evaporator coil to drop below the point of freezing. Humidity in the air will attach itself to the coils causing ice to build-up and reduce its cooling capacity. Dirty air filters; obstructed and undersized ducts; damaged blower motor; dirt build-up on the evaporator coil – all can diminish air flow.
  • System’s Refrigeration Problems: Leaks or low levels of refrigerant can drop the pressure in the evaporator coil, causing moisture in the air to freeze and accumulating on the coil.
  • Outdoor Temperature: If night time temperature drops below 60 degrees F, there’s a possibility the system will no operate properly and freeze ups can occur.

What Do You Do Now?

A frozen air conditioning unit is a definite sign that it is not operating properly. If you start noticing a decline in your system’s cooling capacity, ice build-up should be the first thing your suspect. Delaying repairs can cause permanent damage to your air conditioning unit.

  1. Turn off your air conditioning system
  2. Let it defrost completely
  3. Once defrosted, check the airflow.
  4. Clean or replace dirty air filters and any dirt or obstructions.
  5. If problems still exists, call your local HVAC contractor. resi

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