Customer Complaining of Headaches and Dizziness.

A 70+ year old male customer.

He wanted to get his wall heater inspected before the winter season started. However, his main concern was to see if the wall heater was leaking gas, which the previous HVAC contractor did not catch. He was complaining of headaches, dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness, and breathlessness. It got to the point where he had to leave his door and windows open just to feel normal.

After inspecting the wall heater, we found out the unit was leaking carbon monoxide. We used a soap-and-water solution to look for leaks; bubbles (shown in the picture above). Also, turning on the pilot light and seeing that the flame was orange, was a sure sign of incomplete burning of the gas (also, shown in the picture above).

We turned off the gas and detached the gas line. After removing, we removed the pressure in the pipes by loosening the line fittings. Using acetone, cleaned the line and the surface. Applied epoxy to keep the gas line fitted tightly and tested for leaks.

Personal comments.
The service was an easy fix; however, what really bothered me was that a professional and licensed HVAC contractor – who was there before – was not able to catch that the unit was leaking gas. According to the tenant, it has been in that state for years. Breathing in carbon monoxide is dangerous and very hazardous. I’m just glad we fixed the problem and helped our customer before it was too late.


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