Ways to keep warm without using the heater.


There are many ways to keep warm over the winter. Some choose to install more insulation, overwork their heating system, or purchase blankets to bundle up in. But apart from those often expensive tactics, what other ways are there to keep your house and self warm?


1. Thick curtains are one of the main ways to keep heat inside your home. Curtains with thick lining adds another layer of protection in your home. Blocks the cold and traps the heat.

2. Let the sunlight in during the day. As soon as dusk falls, close the curtains. This will help retain the heat that’s in your home.

3. Cover bare floorboards. The floor accounts for 10% of heat loss if they aren’t insulated.

4. Close off unused rooms. Keeping doors closed will prevent cold air from moving around the room.

5. Change your bed sheets. Swap cotton for flannel sheets, grab a comforter, and don’t forget extra blankets.

6. Foil, foil, foil. Putting foil behind the radiators in your home will reflect heat back into the room, rather than dissipating into the walls.

7. Protect your core. Keep your torso insulated to keep the rest of your body warm.

8. Mittens! Gloves < mittens. Fingers that are clustered together produce more heat than fingers separated.

9. Candles. Candles provide lights, heat, and of course ambiance. Don’t forget the aroma!

10. Hot beverages. Although drinking something cold has been scientifically proven to trigger your body to warm up, tea, hot chocolate, and coffee is an effective placebo. Besides, it feels great in the hands!

11. Counter clockwise fans. If your ceiling fan allow, run it in reverse. This helps push warm air back down to the ground.

12. Clothes out of the dryer. ‘Nuff said.


Most of these can be done with little to no use of money. Turning on the heater would be a waste if these methods helped. However, this is coming from someone who lives in California, we don’t really have a winter here. Good luck this winter, I hope my tips helped!


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