Ceiling Fans… They do help!

Ceiling fans, or any fans in general, may not be as efficient as an air conditioning unit but it sure is a great alternative compared to not having any HVAC in your room!

Cool Heat of Oklahoma



Have you ever noticed how a brisk wind makes a chilly winter day feel even colder than it actually is? This is the effect of the air moving over the skin, body heat being removed more efficiently giving the perception of coolness.Ceiling_FanYou already know how ceiling fans make rooms in the house seem cooler without lowering the thermostat. As the first electrical home comfort appliance, the benefits of ceiling fans have been realized for more than a century. Fans keep air moving and occupants more comfortable.

Utilizing a ceiling fan, in addition to you’re A/C, allows a homeowner to set the thermostat up to four degrees higher without impacting indoor comfort. For each degree the thermostat is raised above 78 degrees, savings of around 6 percent are achievable. In transitional seasons like fall, a ceiling fan helps you reduce the need for your air conditioner earlier and start saving.


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