What is System Zoning?

Often, there are rooms in a building or a home that receives more warm or cool air compared to the others. Rooms that are in sunlight are more difficult to cool and rooms while rooms with vaulted ceilings have difficult time retaining heat. There are many reasons why a room temperature isn’t stable. But there’s only one surefire way to even out a building or home’s temperature: system zoning.

System Zoning, HVAC Zoning, Zoning Systems

System Zoning involves multiple thermostats that are wired to a control panel. These thermostats operates dampers within the ductwork of the forced-air system. The thermostats reads the temperature of the specific area and uses the dampers, by opening or closing, to cool or heat the area. These zoning systems are helpful for rooms that have inconsistent temperatures and controlling individual rooms that have difficult staying at a certain temperature.


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