Flex Pipe VS. Straight Pipe (Photos)


Straight Pipe (3) Coil to Straight Conversion Heater (1)Coil to Straight Conversion Heater (2)


Did you know that air flow is an important factor to take a look into when you have an air conditioning or heating system? The type of piping installed with the system determines the air flow you receive and put out. If the system itself is pushing out a certain amount of air pressure, you should be able to feel the same amount of pressure on the exiting side. Imagine this: an air conditioning unit is pushing out 5 psi of air into its vents. If you were to open one of these vents, and stick your hands in to feel the pressure, it should be 5 psi. If it isn’t, then there is something limiting the air flow. This could be due to pipes. For example, leaks, too many elbows used (adjustable piping) or improper installations.

The may sound like a procedure that contractors are aware of. Wrong! From what we’ve experienced, there are several heating and air conditioning systems that are exactly like what we explained. We’ve seen systems where the pipes weren’t matching in size. We’ve seen systems where the vents weren’t properly installed and were leaking air. We’ve seen systems that used elbows rather than installing a straight pipe for better flow. Don’t let this happen to you! With the right installation and materials, you’ll be saving money rather than spending money.


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