Are the Future Homes Portrayed in Movies Possible?

Let’s imagine we’re twenty to thirty years ahead in time…

What will our houses look like?
How are the household appliances going to look?
Are we still going to be using manual buttons and dials?
Is everything going to be touch screen, holographic, and/or 3D?
Can everything be done with the use of one finger?

I imagine a place similar to the movies that portrayed the future; like for example: Jetsons, I Am Legend, Robocop, or Minority Report. The reason why is because of all the technology that is used for daily common tasks like a projected computer, entering a home through voice and face recognition, controllable appliances via handhelp devices, etc. A lot of interesting concepts which is actually doable within this generation.

Searching through the web, I found an interesting theory of what homes would be like in the year 2020. I doubt the changes would be this close but one can dream, right?


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