A Few Reasons to Get a Tuneup Before Summer

Acquiring a tuneup isn’t necessary for all 4 seasons. Only before summer and winter. The reason for that is because these seasons are the most demanding on the air conditioning or heating systems you have at home or workplace. Considering summer is right around the corner, we recommend that you get prepared for the upcoming heat by getting your maintenance done early. Avoid the long wait time, call your request for service early. No one wants to be stuck in 90 degree weather indoors. Let’s list a few reasons why you should be getting a tuneup before summer:

1. Lowers utility bill.
Clogged drains, dirty filters and coils can lead to your HVAC system to work harder, which can potentially increase the amount of money you spend on the energy bill. Lack of lubrication wears out parts of the system that can be expensive and time consuming; ordering parts, waiting for shipment, scheduling install, etc.

2. Cheaper rates.
It’s off-season which means there is a low demand for air conditioning and heating services. Because it’s off-season, the technicians are more free to focus on one task rather than the whole day. Not only will you receive better prices, but also better availability. During on-season, technicians will be in demand leading to higher prices.

3. Scheduling set to your availability.
During off-season, HVAC companies are able to accommodate their schedule with yours. You pick the date and time. During the summer or winter, they receive more calls for service and can easily fill their books within a day or two. The scheduling then becomes set with their week’s schedule and not yours. “Are you free tomorrow? No? Okay, we’ll be there tomorrow!” – That will happen.

4. Early Detection. 
You have to realize that everything isn’t fixable by a swift kick or by the power button, HVAC systems in particular. If you were to get a tune-up early on and the technician detects a bigger problem, they are able to solve it before rush hour summer weather. Imagine this scenario: a technician came in to repair your air conditioning unit and noticed that the air ducts was extremely clogged and will need cleaning. Now here’s the question, would you rather have that done within a day or two or wait until the technician is available to have it cleaned? Detect it early, fix it early.

Make it easier on yourself and your budget by getting a tune-up early on.
You’ll enjoy a peace of mind knowing that you reaped the benefits of off-season repair services.



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