Google’s “Project Ara”

Google, a common used search engine, is taking things to their own hands and building new technology that can revolutionize the cellphone industry. Working with the recently-viral Phonebloks, they are in the process of building affordable and customizable smartphones that is supposedly starting at $50.00 that would go one sale early next year (2015, January).

What Google is hoping to release is the idea of customizing phones to the person’s demands. Imagine Lego type pieces that are attachable to a primary piece, aka motherboard, that differs in use and functions. These piece are removable and replaceable depending on what you’d like to improve. For example, say you love watching movies and the current screen you have does not support 1080p video quality. With Google’s Project Ara, you can remove this screen and attach a new one that possesses the quality you demand without any hassle.

Truthfully, what this phone will do is get you exactly what you want in a phone. The primary reasons for buying a phone differs between people. Some would prefer a high megapixel camera. Others would prefer a bigger screen. And when your perspective changes and you are searching for a camera that does the opposite, it’s a huge hole in your bank account. With this new technology, buying a completely new phone is to become obsolete as the concept of building what you want and what you need is possible with Google’s Project Ara.

No.. I wonder if they’ll add an air conditioning unit piece. Imagine this: a piece that cools down your phone when it’s used excessively or has been sitting in the sunlight for a while. What? I can dream, right?


-Lawrence Hernandez
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