A Look Inside of an Air Conditioner

AC Image

Whenever you are dying of heat, you turn on your trusty air conditioner on full blast. That icy cold air filling your room to fight the awful heat. But, do you ever wonder how it actually works? Sure, you can crack it open and found out, but now you’ll have a broken AC!

The image above is taken from The Story of Air Conditioning, a pamphlet that was given out around the 1950’s. It’s a perfect way to imagine and explain what an AC actually does. The warm air is coming from the outside and the cold air is being blown inside. The reason AC’s are meant to be installed in high places are that heat rises, and that’s the perfect place to convert the warm air.

In the newest Air Conditioners, there may be more pipes or filters, but the same concept is still applied. The invention of adding electronic components was the idea to control the AC more accurately.


Read the entire pamphlet.


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