Best DIY Air Conditioners

The folks at Popular Mechanics have made it easier to beat the warm weather without an actual air conditioner.

The inventions and home installments start to come out for some smart alternatives. There were several listed in the article, but we’ve picked the best two just to save some time and skip past the tricky ones.

First one one on the list is more of geographical solution for people living in places like Berkeley. Places where hot and cold can often be of the extreme.

The appropriately named “California Cooler” solution takes a page from the rising of heat. The way it work is that the vent are facing down from the outside (as seen in the image below). It replaces things like a refrigerator and an air vent to let small amounts of cool wind to come in and keep the house at a manageable temperature.

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On the other side, the way to fight heat faster is to make your own makeshift air conditioner. Just get a medium to large fan, attach some copper wires like an AC is normally, and connect it to a cooler of ice for an easy way to keep cool. You might to take a trip to your local hardware store, but it seems simple enough.

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