Be Earthquake Prepared

Pittsburgh Pirates v. Los Angeles Dodgers

In the recent events of earthquakes around the world, Los Angeles residents haven’t seen this much shaking in over a decade. Earthquake news is on everyone’s mind and it seems like people are expecting “The Big One” to rumble along. Despite all of the news being about earthquakes, a good part of the public isn’t ready for an earthquake.

There is some relief of little structure damage when it comes to earthquakes in Los Angeles due to the fact that building codes have been put in to place for structures to withstand major magnitude quakes.

Earthquake insurance seems to be a small solution now rather than dealing with damage costs by your own.

If you don’t or do have earthquake insurance, there’s a lot things you can do to be prepared for a major catastrophic quake to hit the Los Angeles area.

-One major thing to have is an earthquake emergency kit. Things that should be inside of it: water, self-generated flashlight and radio, power bars, blankets, first aid kit, and canned foods.


-Make sure any heavy items are placed in lower shelves rather than on the top. This can then make it easier on things like shelves to be toppled much more easily whenever there is something heavy.

-Have both a valve to shut off your gas and electricity. Read more about it on our latest blog post on HVAC safety: Having your HVAC Earthquake Ready

-An earthquake plan is important when having a family with kids who can get lost easily. Let them know the possibility of being separated and how they can find each other in a disaster. Draw out a map of the home and know the places to duck and cover. Sturdy tables and places to duck under can be drawn under the map so if you’re in a room, you know where to go under.


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