Keeping your Home Safe From Wind Damage


Having your home prepared for high wind conditions is something Californians know little about. Every so often the Santa Ana winds pick up and cause major damage. From trees getting uprooted, to shingles flying off and smashing windows. Gusts of winds that can reach up to 50 mph is not only dangerous, but can seriously cause home damage.

There are ways to keep your home safe from any type form of wind damage.

  1. Durable windows- When it comes down to windows, always avoid cheap flimsy windows. This mean that buying the slightly more expensive window can mean more insulation and creates a better air tight seal. It allows for your HVAC at home to not overwork itself, and whenever there is debris in the air, that it won’t get inside your home.
  2. Check your roof– Checking up in your roof can be a pain since getting on a ladder is a bit intimidating, so it is often overlooked. One of the major things that seems to fly off are the loose shingles and roof tiles. Always makes sure you’re roof doesn’t have any loose nails that can cause damage to anything nearby.
  3. Trims your Trees– A gust of wind can knock off branches, leaves, and even bring down a tree. It is always advised to trims any trees that be trouble during high wind conditions.



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