April in Los Angeles


April Showers bring May flowers

This may not be the case for Los Angeles residents. Across the country cities are preparing for some rain during the month of April. For LA residents, sunny days are in the forecast. This might be the year that LA and most of California wishes that it would get some rain since the drought seems to be looming all of us.

The recent problem is something places like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona have seen an enormous impact from having drought over the years. It is foolish to think that climate change isn’t real.

Despite all of the bad time for drought victims, there are several ways to have fun in April Southern California.

-For once, baseball is back! Yup, MLB baseball and the Dodgers & Angels are back in play. So why not go to a game? The favorite past time of everyone is all there: baseball, food, and beer!


-Want to watch some classic movies, then there’s the annual TCM Film Festival where you can watch films dating back to the golden years of Hollywood.

-Then, there’s the LA times Festival of Books on April 12th to the 13th. Held on the USC campus in Los Angeles, the festival attracts all book lovers from young to old.

-Enjoy the outdoors with an outdoor grill. Get some meat, some hot dogs, and throw them on the grill for some fun under the sun.


Indoor movies are prefect for whenever a shower seems to want to ruin your weekend. Being at home doesn’t need to be a bad thing, just set your HVAC at a nice and toasty temperature and just enjoy being indoors. Don’t forget to have snacks!


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