How Can I Have My HVAC Earthquake Ready?

California residents are always told to be ready for when a catastrophic hits the state. The last devastating earthquake was the Northridge earthquake which crumble some major freeways.

We know that mother nature has a mind of its own and we never really know when an earthquake will hit. Here are a couple of tips to help protect your HVAC unit during an earthquake, and hopefully in return keep you a little safer. 🙂

Springs & Bolts The first thing you should ensure is that the unit is properly secure. Bolting it with secure springs and clamps can put your mind to ease. Learn more

photo: Earthquake


Gas Shut-off Valve Another think to have installed is the Gas Shut-off Valve. This is in place on when a magnitude 5.1 earthquake hits and the gas needs to be shut off. Gas valves can be dangerous when catastrophic destruction of buildings. Gas being blown in the air can easily become a fire with even the smallest spark. Learn more


Dealing in chaotic situations, it is always smart to stay away from any electrical appliances. But, the first thing you should head to is the electric box and makes sure to SHUT OFF the box. Learn more

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