What to Do During California’s Drought

california-droughtThe worsening of the drought in California has been getting the public worried. The worry starts from not having enough water for the crops, lakes, and animals that thrive from it. This then hurts the ecosystem and ruins the chance for any form of water during the summer. Currently, the temperatures have been average to below average, but the fear also stems from not having enough water when temperatures reach higher than 80 degrees.

The State of California is telling everyone to conserve their water and energy. Having no energy affects the way Air Conditioners are run, which in turn worsens the way we’re going to deal with the heat.

There are several ways you can do to help the cause, many of them could be done right now and will play a vital role when it comes to a worse case scenario.

1. Buy & Store Bottled Water Store and buy as much bottled water your home can be put away. Don’t allow yourself a lack of water when it comes down to the worse drought in California history.

2. CONSERVE Take shorter showers, don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth, and use tubs of water when washing dishes to avoid continually running water.


3. Water Grass after Sunset This helps avoid your house grass from not benefiting from water that is taken away from the heat of the sun.

Source: WikiHow

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