Restaurant Refrigeration: Avoid Unwanted Breakdowns

Owning a successful restaurant takes years of hard work and dedication. Close details to everything in the restaurant can make or break years of work.

Things that should not be overlooked are items like refrigeration. Leaving maintenance jobs for walk-in freezers can be more cost heavy when in decides to break down.

It does happen, there hundreds of stories where people need to replace an entire freezer. The simple solution is having maintenance at a minimum of twice a year. This ensures that when a problem arises that it is solved right away. Problems can get start to escalate if it’s not fixed as soon as possible.


You think you might need some maintenance in your walk-in freezer? Call us up (310) 530-0504 to schedule an appointment with us.

We deal with local Southern California restaurants who are looking for their coolers and freezers to be ready for the busy work week.

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