What We Can Do:

We, California Air, are always posting blogs and articles relating to HVAC news, world news, and even random tidbits on where to eat and what to visit. During all these times, we’ve never posted any pictures that can be related back to the type of work we do and stand by. So, here are a few:

Rusted & Corroding Exhaust 4 exhaust fans _Vent Pipe Collage  _Rooftop Collage _Installing Ducts Collage_Red Tagged Collage  _Electrical Collage_Coil to Straight Collage_Old Thermostat Collage _Old To New Collage_Furnace Collage_Surf Concept Collage_Ductwork Roof Collage   _Ductwork for parking lot_Cooling Tower Collage   _Compressor Collage_Clean Collage

The times have changed and people determine business with a specific company through two things: reviews and interaction. We put this into consideration and decided to provide images to customers/clients because of one main reason: most of the time the clients aren’t present when contractors begin and/or finish. The pictures provide photos of what it looked like before the job and what had to be done to finish it. This way, even without the client, we are able to show you that we did our job.


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