Home Inspection: Thing you Should Check

DSC_0312Owning property can be a huge pain when it comes to dealing with inspections. Not knowing what to look for is high in the list when it comes to problems. Home inspections can become confusing, but not if you not what to look for.

When owning property, having clean vents are an important part. The way a room feels with clogged or dirty vents can feel a bit “stuffy” or hard to breathe. Cleaning out your vents not only gives a room a better feel, but it avoids harmful things like mold and bacteria to build up.

duct 2

Having both proper and working smoke detectors are important. When it comes down to safety, it also gives assurance that you can sleep comfortably in your own home.
Nest 2May we suggest the the Nest Protect? Read a recent review here.

Inspections are important when selling property since buyers are closely inspecting small details in every corner.

California Air Conditioning Systems has spent over 30 years in closely helping real estate and property owners having their properties up to standards. When selling a home or renting out an apartment, they come to us. Locate in Lomita,CA, California Air has a wide range in SoCal. With technicians all across the South Bay and spread out to the valley, we got Southern California covered. Visit our website: www.californiaac.com or call us at (310) 530-0504 if you have any questions or want to set up an appointment.

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