Have your HVAC ‘Summer’ Ready


(photo via: housepro.net)

Now that we are in the month of March, it means summer is just around the corner. This can be important to home owners who have a new or old HVAC system. Even the simplest adjustments can help your home become ‘Summer’ ready and avoid high energy bills.

Change your filter– It might sound like something we say for everything, but changing out your filters really makes a huge difference. It’s a little known that when you change your air filter at least twice a year, it can increase it’s efficiency by over 50%.

Clear Debris– By clearing out the outdoor HVAC unit from any leaves, it allows for an easy filtration which allows the system to work less than it needs to.

Monitor Energy Bill– Paying close attention to how much energy your home is probably the first line of defense. The moment you see exactly how much your HVAC is using in energy, is the moment you involve yourself in fixing that. 47% of homeowners aren’t aware of what their energy bill costs.

Installing a Digital Thermostat– By having a digital thermostat installed, it allows you to adjust the perfect temperature even when you’re away. thermostat


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