California To Become Six States

Inventor Tim Draper is proposing a ballot proposition that California be split into six seperate states. Draper’s “Six Californias” proposal is split into six entities: Silicon Valley, West California, Jefferson, South California, Central California, and North California.

Questions taken from the original article:

How Will California Be Redrawn?

“We allowed great flexibility” for individual counties to finely tune the rough outline of the six different territories, Draper said during the press event. He expects the citizens to crowdsource many of the ideas around water rights, a new state flag, and other official duties.

What About Congress?

Each state is supposed to get two senators, this would add 10 more to Congress (five additional states total). So, presumably, federal authorities will have to buy more chairs for the Senate floor, and also completely shift around the tight two-party balance that the Senate has maintained for over 200 years.

“They’ll be nervous about change,” says Draper, who thinks government will eventually accept a better governed region.

Who’s Paying For This?

Draper is bootstrapping his own political brainchild. “I will make sure it gets on the ballot,” he said. This can cost millions of dollars and there’s no big partners yet on board. But Draper says he’s seen a lot of grassroots interest.

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