Chipotle: It’s what’s for Lunch


Working in a city like Lomita can often leave you wanting something delicious for lunch in the food department. There aren’t many choices when it comes down to buying something affordable and full of flavor. Choices range from a McDonald‘s to a Tony Roma. So where does that leave you going for lunch? Simple answer, Chipotle. Why? Because it makes sense!

Here’s a breakdown of what you can get.

  • menu_burritoBurrito– Having choices like grilled steak or chicken, braised carnitas, and barbacoa will only have you wanting to ask for the recipe on how they make it. Also, your choice of toppings: white or brown rice, pinto or black beans, guacamole, sour cream and your choice of salsa ranging from mild to hot. The combinations are endless. menu_burrito_bowl
  • Burrito Bowl– Looking to avoid the tortilla? Then go for the bowl option, where you can easily warm up as leftovers. If you don’t finish it all on the spot, ask for a foil top for later. quesarito

(Image by Buzzfeed)

  • Quesarito* (Secret Menu)– This might be one of the greatest combinations not known by many. It’s what its sounds like: A Quesadilla wrapped around a Burrito. It might leaving you sleepy, but the boss would understand after you mumble “Quesarito” like it was your last breath.chipotlemargs20f-2-web
  • Margarita– So you’re at work and it’s your last day, you might want to go out with a bang? Well, Chipotle has the cure for that with the Patron Tequila infused Margarita in certain locations. So you knock some of these back on your lunch and let your boss know what you really think! Keep in mind, sober up when your on the wheel though.

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